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LifeOnRecord is the easiest and simplest way there is to keep a journal.
Isn't your life important enough to chronicle with LifeOnRecord?

Record the special moments of each day and
preserve them forever on CD.


Call and capture your three-year old singing
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"...

Describe memorable vacation experiences
right after they happen....

"A natural and easy way to keep a journal"

For too many people, journaling is something on their "I'd like to do someday" list. People want to keep a journal, and understand the value, but they find it too tedious to block out the time to sit down and write.

Although finding the time to write in a journal can be hard, LifeOnRecord makes it easy. It's as close and convenient as your phone, and it's as simple and efficient as talking. You'll find find that you can talk about 10 to18 times faster than you can write, and you'll do less filtering of your true feelings. LifeOnRecord lets you download all the recordings onto your computer for no additional charge, or we can send you a monthly CD.

Your LifeOnRecord Audio Journal captures your thoughts and feelings, in your own voice, with a simple phone call wherever you happen to be. When you listen to your journal, the feelings and emotions will come through that written words often leave behind.

What would you rather do, write a friend a letter or call a friend on the phone? Well, you can call and talk to your journal!

"Everyone should keep a journal"

Those words have been uttered by Oprah Winfrey, Tom Brokaw, and countless other people who live life to the fullest. Keeping a journal is one of the most life-changing things you can do for yourself.

Have you ever come across a photograph that seemed ordinary when you took it, but with the passage of time is much more cherished? It's the same with a journal - your day-to-day recordings will take on additional meaning when you re-play them months and years from now. It's like listening to your very own "book on CD" but it's of your life!

There are many ways LifeOnRecord can benefit you:

  • Preserve your memories and stories, count your blessings, work through your anxieties, and remind yourself of what's important.

  • Give your journal number to close friends or relatives and ask them to call when they think of a special story that involved you.

  • Leave yourself messages about the appointments that you need to keep or commitments you've made.

  • When you're out, stop time forever by recording your child's voice as they talk about something they thought was interesting. Email the recording to grandparents or other relatives when you return home.

  • Re-tell a funny story about a friend or family member you don't want to forget. Create a compilation of these special stories and present it to them as a very personal and meaningful present.

  • A LifeOnRecord Journal for an older friend or relative lets them easily preserve their stories and thoughts.

  • Pass the phone around at a birthday lunch and record the laughter and voices of your friends.

  • LifeOnRecord makes a great baby journal for busy moms.

Think of all the times you say... "I have to write this down", or "don't let me forget this".

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LifeOnRecord is surprisingly affordable and makes a terrific gift. Easily purchase a:

$10 gift certificate
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We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Preserve your stories and thoughts in a way that fits into your lifestyle.

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You'll find LifeOnRecord ...

  • Efficient - Talking is easier and faster than writing.

  • Convenient - Wherever you have a phone, you'll have LifeOnRecord. Call during a daily commute or when you are in line waiting. Describe a funny story, reflect on your day, or give yourself a reminder.

  • Secure - Whether you listen to them in iTunes, the internet, or by phone, your audio journal entries are password protected. You can pass the phone to others and ask them to contribute, but it's your journal and only you can listen to what has been recorded.

  • Flexible - Listen to your journal entries on an MP3 player, over the internet, on a CD, or over a phone.

  • Organized - LifeOnRecord supports one-click downloads to iTunes™ (a free download for Microsoft Windows PC's and Macs). Using iTunes you can describe, categorize, and search your recordings.

Using LifeOnRecord you can...

  • Clarify your goals - Spend a few minutes every day talking out loud about what is important. Listening to your own voice helps you focus on the things that give you the most meaning.

  • Simplify your life - Reduce distractions by describing your values, noting your achievements, and giving thanks for the joys of life.  

  • Know yourself - LifeOnRecord helps you keep perspective of who you are, where you've been, and where you want to go.

  • Get healthier - Talking out loud about your daily goals and challenges helps you come to terms with them, and reduces the impact of stressors on your physical health.

You'll have the option of receiving a monthly CD with all of your recordings from the previous month, or you can make your own CDs with LifeOnRecord's one-click integration with iTunes™.

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Michael Boyter

Michael Boyter StarStarStarStarStar
LifeOnRecord is a fascinating tool. It is super easy to use. My siblings and I used it to record memories from our growing up years, and about mom and dad in particular. We then gave that recording to our parents as a gift. I'd recommend this service to anyone...and I do!

Cubby Altobelli Cubby Altobelli StarStarStarStarStar
I use LifeOnRecord as my journal. I have pretty erratic schedule and love the convenience of being able to make entries at any time from any location. I've been using it for 3 months now and I can assure you I will continue to!

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my LifeOnRecord Journal service!! I call in all the time and have my three-year-old daughter sing songs or tell stories. I then email the recordings to her grandparents. They love to hear her voice and I love to be able to share it with them so easily!

Jessica Vassar, Louisville, Kentucky


I always found it hard to find the time to write in a journal... but now with your audio journal service, I can talk anytime and have a quick and easy way to remember the important moments of my day. I call in about 8 times a day and I tell all my friends about how awesome your journaling service is!!

Monica Deerman, Arlington, Texas


Here's a creative way I'm using your service. I read stories to my grand daughter and your service records them. My daughter in Florida makes the compact discs and plays them to her daughter. Now she's expecting a son, and so can play them again whether I'm around or not. Technology is amazing!

Jeff Thomson, Boston, Massachusetts

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Excerpt from Audio Scrapbooking with - Associated Content

I tried the service for a month and had a ball... My mother, in New Hampshire recorded bedtime stories for my three-year-old daughter here in Florida... My family shared childhood memories and expressed gratitude for people and experiences. With our cell phones we could also share our achievements or funny anecdotes as they were happening. Using a telephone also made it easy for my three-year-old to participate as well, recording her excited preschool chatter...

Tricia Ares, Associated Content - October 24, 2007

Excerpt from All You Need Are the Memories - Fox News

The older you get, the harder it can be to remember the funny, touching, and most exciting times of your life.  Baby’s first step, that magical first date with Mr. Right or Miss Right! Why not let technology help you say, "Thanks for the memories" from your teenage years to your golden years. is a web site devoted to chronicling your favorite memories to hold on to forever.

Roby Brock, Fox News, September 28, 2007

Excerpt from LifeOnRecord Product Review, BellaOnline

I wanted to share an awesome journaling site with my readers... I was given the privilege of reviewing this site for 45 days. At the end of the review period the company sent me a compact disc of all the recorded messages left in my voice journal. I have come to treasure this disc. It has family and friend's voices on it that I will have for the rest of my life....

It is so simple, my six year old daughter dialed in and left me a precious voice message. I plan on letting her listen to this when she graduates from high school!... It is so easy!

Melissa Waters, BellaOnline Journals Editor, December 18, 2007