Unique Wedding Guestbook

For your wedding, easily capture well-wishes and memories from loved ones.
Preserve their stories from any phone, and create a treasured keepsake.

Imagine hearing in their own voices …

Your best friend talking about how she felt when you asked her to be the maid of honor…

Unique Wedding Guestbook - Maid of Honor

Your parents' thoughts when they met
your future spouse for the first time...

Unique Wedding Guestbook - Dad meeting groom

The advice of your grandparents who have
been married for many years…

Grandparents - Unique Wedding Guestbook

"There is meaning and emotion in hearing a voice that is missing from reading words on a page.”

LifeOnRecord is one of the most meaningful gifts the bride and groom will have after the wedding.

With a simple, toll-free phone call, friends and family are able to express their well wishes, congratulations, encouragement, and advice for married life. LifeOnRecord collects the recordings and creates a unique group voice journal which becomes more meaningful with the passage of time.

Include everyone - even people
that can't make it to the wedding!

How it Works

Friends and family simply call a toll-free number and hear a personal greeting from the bride and groom or the parents. The caller leaves a meaningful wedding message and has the option to review what they recorded and re-record it if necessary.

As each recording comes in, it's available on our website within seconds. You'll be able to play the recordings online and through iTunes, and you'll have control over what recordings make it to the final CD and in what order.

Listen to Recordings Online

All the messages are recorded and sent to you on a CD.

It's that easy!

Couples usually invite people to call through an insert in their wedding invitations or an email.

A priceless wedding keepsake for only $144.99 $99.99

Weddings aren't cheap, and although you might be used to paying a premium for wedding services, this is a refreshingly affordable way to preserve the voices of friends and family.

We don't put a limit on toll-free talk time or the number of callers that phone-in.

For $144.99 $99.99 as many people can call as you want, and each person can record a message that is up to 30 minutes in length. People can call in multiple times if they are inspired to leave additional messages.

That price includes three keepsake CD's packaged in distinctive metal cases.

Why you should get it

Although you might have photographs and video of the ceremony, the dances, and the garter toss, the most precious moments will come when people express their love for you. Those are also the moments that are most easily forgotten.

You'll capture the emotion that you don’t get when you read words written on a page, and you'll get the meaningful thoughts and stories you don't get from a wedding video. The recordings become even more special to you as time passes.

Wedding couples have told us that they cherish their LifeOnRecord recordings more than any other keepsake from their wedding.

Have questions? Read our FAQ section or send us an .

A Unique Way of Capturing
Stories, and Even RSVP's!

To start your LifeOnRecord Experience,
click the button above or call

P.S. We have a 100%, no hassle satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel at any time and receive a full refund. We'll keep your toll-free number active for two months after your wedding date - regardless of when that date is, so go ahead and sign-up now.

P.P.S. LifeOnRecord Journals make a great gift and allow others to record personal stories and memories in their own voice . Buy a subscription for a loved one or easily purchase a:

$10 gift certificate
$25 gift certificate
$50 gift certificate
$100 gift certificate


For your guests...

  • It's easy - It's like an audio wedding guest book - Your guests dial a phone number and start talking - it doesn't get much simpler than that!

  • It's flexible and private - Guests can call from anywhere, at anytime, without the pressure of other people watching. If they don't like what they said, they can erase it and try again.

  • Distance doesn't matter - People who live far away or can't make it to the wedding can still be involved. It's perfect for destination weddings.

For the wedding couple...

  • It's powerful - Uniquely captures emotion, thoughts, and feelings around the wedding that are otherwise lost.
  • Can save you money - Some couples ask their guests to RSVP in a creative way by using the LifeOnRecord phone number, and at the same time leave a story. It's fun and interactive for your guests, it's environmentally friendly, and it saves you the cost of reply cards, envelopes and return postage.

  • Many listening options - Manage and play your recordings through the web, through iTunes™, an MP3 player, or listen to them over the phone or on a CD. If you want you can receive automatic email notifications with attached sound files when guests leave you a message, or keep things a mystery until the end. The choice is yours.

Three sets of CDs packaged in metal cases will be sent to you when you choose LifeOnRecord Weddings. Your CDs will be replaced if they are ever lost or damaged.

Benefits of Event Journal

We LOVED THIS. My best man gave us an iPod with the recordings on it as a wedding gift. How clever was that!! We were absolutely delighted to hear the voices of all of those who could not be with us on our day, and hearing my grandmother's heartfelt words was touching. It brought tears to everyone that listened to it, and it's something we keep close to our hearts. The stories people told of their favorite times with us was incredible. It was the perfect gift - and we can't wait to do the same thing for my sister who is getting married this winter!

Anthony D'Amarco, San Diego, California

When we had a destination wedding in Aruba, my mom thought this would be a good way of including everyone who couldn't make the plane trip. She was right!

Becky Scott, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Everyone at our wedding came up to us and told us how special this was, and thanked us for including them in this way. They also really wished this was available when they got married. The recordings are very, very special to us. Thank you so much.

Juanita Rodriguez, Glendale, Arizona

Benefits of Event Journal

Excerpts from Innovative Opportunity for Long-Distance Wedding Greetings, Dialogue Magazine

Cheryl Kneemeyer had been looking forward to having her grandparents, Ruth and Lou, attend her wedding in August, 2007. While Cheryl was growing up, Ruth had taught Cheryl how to sew dresses for her doll, and Cheryl used to be her grandfather’s helper as he’d make his rounds maintaining rental property.

When a last-minute health crisis prevented both Ruth and Lou from travelling to Illinois to attend the wedding, tears were shed by both Cheryl and her grandparents.

Unbeknownst to the newlyweds, Cheryl’s grandparents had recorded several long, emotional messages from their home in Massachusetts using a service called LifeOnRecord.  LifeOnRecord put the recordings onto a keepsake CD along with messages from other wedding guests. 

“The CD makes me cry every time I listen to it”, said Kneemeyer.  “Some people told funny stories about when they first met me or my husband, or talked about our bright future, but the recordings from my grandparents are the most special”.

“My grandparents told me how proud they were of me, how wonderful it was that I had met my soul mate , and that my husband and I reminded them of how they acted when they were younger”, continued Kneemeyer .  “They called several times before the wedding, and again on our wedding day. They said that although they couldn’t be there in person, they wanted us to know that they loved us very much”...

“With all the money you spend on a wedding, LifeOnRecord is the one service where you don’t have to spend a lot and what you receive in the end is priceless”, Kneemeyer said.

Gerard J. Monaghan, Editor Dialogue - Association of Bridal Consultants, June/July, 2008