Knowledge sharing is important, but people are too busy to write.
LifeOnRecord preserves the voices of wisdom in your organization.

Securely podcast your experiences using any phone. Employees can listen at their leisure.

Phone in action items from a dinner meeting. The sound files are emailed to your staff for follow-up.

Using a phone and LifeOnRecord, experts can create and organize an audio library.

"Organizations are most effective when they adapt to how their employees work”

There's a good chance that in your organization people are stretched, and the work days are hectic.

In particular, managers and subject matter experts are being pulled in many different directions.

It's important that they add their wisdom to the corporate memory, but asking them to create papers or write documents is an uphill battle. That's where LifeOnRecord™ comes in.

With a simple phone call, voices are captured and digitally stored. From there they can be categorized and made available on your organizations' computer network or intranet.

In addition, the files can be:

  • Automatically emailed to an individual or distribution list.
  • Securely podcasted into iTunes.
  • Securely managed and played from a web site.
  • Individually downloaded.
  • Accessed with a telephone.
  • Mailed on a CD.

You can either start by signing up for a LifeOnRecord Journal or LifeOnRecord Events account or let us know what your needs are, and we'll be happy to consult with you and provide you a quote.

To start the process, just call or send us an .


For the contributor....

  • It's fast - Talking is more efficient than typing.

  • It's simple - Employees just pick up a phone, dial a number and speak.

  • It's flexible - People call at their convenience, regardless of where they are or what time it is.

  • It's secure - An ID and password are required before recordings can be electronically accessed.

For the listener...

  • A richer communication experience - A large part of communication happens through tone of voice and inflection. People are more engaged when they listen to a voice than when they are reading words.

  • Flexible listening options - Recordings can accessed from a web site, podcasted into iTunes, played on a phone, or received on CD.