LifeOnRecord® is devoted to helping people capture and re-live the stories and memories that help define their life.

The LifeOnRecord Philosophy

We believe in:

  • Providing tools and resources that help individuals gain perspective and meaning from their life experiences.
  • Providing an exceptional customer experience.

How We Started

People use LifeOnRecord for different reasons and in different ways.

I created LifeOnRecord because I felt like there was a need to preserve the day-to-day stories of my family's life. I was a busy professional with four young children. Although we would bring out the digital camera for birthdays and holidays, I felt like my family was really defined by their daily interactions and the resulting stories.

These poignant moments weren't being captured, and to me they conveyed much more than a photograph or a few minutes of video taken here and there.

I couldn't quite figure out how to best preserve those stories. I'd save some of the voicemails that my wife or children left for me, but they were locked in the corporate voicemail system with no way for me to save or archive them. I had thought about getting a voice recorder, but they were too limiting and I didn't want to carry around yet another device. I had tried the built-in recorder on my cell phone, but that was also too cumbersome, and I couldn't easily save and organize what was recorded.

So, I created a phone number that I could call during my commute to talk about the events of the day, what was important to me, stories from friends and family, what I valued, and what was to come.

I decided that I wanted to be able to offer others the opportunity to create an audio journal from anywhere and that was how LifeOnRecord Personal Audio Journals were created.

The idea for LifeOnRecord Weddings and Events came about because whenever our friends and extended family got together, I noticed that much of the time was spent sharing different stories of our lives. I thought it would be meaningful in the future to hear some of these stories in the voices of the story tellers themselves.

Customers have been amazed at the power of the human voice and the way in which people express their feelings from the heart.

Voices create connections, and connections bring us meaning. Whether you're creating that connection with yourself, or with others, my hope is that our product helps bring meaning to your life.