All You Need are the Memories

All You Need Are the Memories - Fox News

What's Online Now - All You Need Are the Memories (video link to Fox16 News Segment) - September 28, 2007

Reported by: Roby Brock

The older you get, the harder it can be to remember the funny, touching, and most exciting times of your life.  Baby’s first step, that magical first date with Mr. Right or Miss Right!
Why not let technology help you say, "Thanks for the memories" from your teenage years to your golden years. is a website devoted to chronicling your favorite memories to hold on to forever.  The site can work in several ways, helping you record memories from your wedding, special events or just everyday life.  After choosing one of the plans, the site gives you a dedicated phone number.  Call the phone number anytime, night or day, and leave a message recalling your favorite memory, a funny story or even just a reminder to yourself.  At the end of the year, you'll have an audio collection you can use to relive your favorite memories of the year. 

For weddings and special events, give the phone number out on a small card with instructions for each guest to call and leave a special message for the bride and groom or the host.  You can access the messages through phone, email, or through iTunes, which you can then use to make CDs of all the messages or just have one sent to you.  You can even try having guests RSVP for a party or wedding by using the LifeOnRecord phone number, while also leaving a story. 

Recording your memories and stories to CD's can make the perfect gift for weddings, birthday parties or even to use as an audio time capsule. And with, all you need are the memories.