A Unique Wedding Guestbook

A Unique Wedding Guestbook - Ringbearer

Hear the ring-bearer's voice as he describes his experience...

Let your friends and family make a simple phone call and share their favorite stories, memories, and well wishes in a more intimate and direct way than guest books and on-the-spot videotaping allow.

The result is a unque, one-of-a-kind keepsake you will treasure forever.

Unique Wedding Guestbook
Unique Birthday Presents

Unique Anniversary Presents

Give a unique keepsake gift for birthdays and other events...

Create a very meaningful birthday present or anniversary gift by having people phone-in favorite thoughts and memories. Only $49.99 lets you capture everyone's stories.

Unique Birthday Presents & Anniversary Gifts
Keep A Journal

Keep A Journal with LifeOnRecord Journals

The easiest and simplest way
to keep a journal...

Securely record your thoughts and treasured moments with just a telephone. Listen to them through iTunes, email, the internet, and archive them onto CD.

Keep a Journal with LifeOnRecord Journals
Record voices of family & friends to CD

Capture the voices that bring meaning to life.