Tell home-bound members of the congregation that they are not forgotten.
LifeOnRecord saves stories, prayers, and well-wishes onto a CD keepsake.

Church members going through a health crisis can hear phoned-in voices and prayers.

unique gift for retirements and anniversaries

The CD is a one-of-a kind, keepsake with comforting words for those mourning a loss...

showing support

"Shut-in" church members can record messages to be played at the service.

unique gift for teacher presents

A gift that tells them they are a part of the congregation.

A LifeOnRecord CD contains something you can't buy in a store or order from a catalog. It contains something very special, unique, and meaningful - the heartfelt thoughts, prayers, and stories from members of the congregation.

With a simple toll-free call, church members are able to record their well-wishes, gratitude, encouragement, and words of support.

Callers feel honored to participate, and LifeOnRecord makes it simple for anyone to contribute to the keepsake regardless of where they live.

LifeOnRecord allows worshippers to remain connected to one another, regardless of distance or health issues, and is a vital link.

"Voices convey personality”

Has there ever been an answering machine message or voicemail that you've wanted to save? The words that were said are only part of the message. What really makes people sentimental for those messages is that voices convey the personality of the person, which makes the message more meaningful than the same words written in a card.

LifeOnRecord collects everyone's thoughts, prayers, and words of support and creates a unique and special audio keepsake which becomes more meaningful with the passage of time.

How it Works

Church members call a toll-free number from wherever they are, hear a personal greeting from the pastor or outreach coordinator, and leave a meaningful message. The caller has the option to review what they recorded and re-record it if necessary.

You as the coordinator have complete control - and you'll have as much fun as the recipient!

As each recording comes in, it's available on our website within seconds. You'll be able to play the recordings online and through iTunes, and you'll have control over what recordings make it to the final CD and in what order.

Listen to Recordings Online

The recordings can either be downloaded by church staff to be made into a CD, or LifeOnRecord can send you a CD Keepsake.

It's that simple!

Special Pricing

We have special pricing and packages for religous organizations that allow you to use the service on as-needed basis throughout the year. Please send us an or call us at 800.868.1606.

You can also easily purchase a Gift Certificate for $10, $25, $50, or $100.

We have a 100%, no hassle, no questions asked, lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with the service or the product, you will receive a full refund.

Benefits of Event Journal

For the congregation...

  • They like using it - Church members want to convey their prayers and well-wishes. LifeOnRecord gives them an easy way to do that, and they feel honored to be asked.

  • It's simple - Church members just dial a phone number and talk!

  • It's fast and convenient - Many people are more likely to tell a meaningful story than write one in a scrapbook or card.

  • Contribute from anywhere, anytime - Callers phone in at their convenience, and it's perfect for those that can't or don't want to physically visit the home-bound church member.

LifeOnRecord lets people express emotion, prayers, thoughts, and feelings that might otherwise go unsaid.