Love one another and you will be happy...

For a unique wedding anniversary gift, capture the voices of
loved ones and create a treasured keepsake.
Easy & Fun! Friends call from any phone and share stories and well-wishes.

Family and friends will call and talk about their favorite moments with the anniversary couple...

unique gift for retirements and anniversaries

The CD is a one-of-a kind, personal and meaningful keepsake...

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It's as simple as dialing a phone and talking
and distance doesn't matter...

unique gift for teacher presents

An anniversary gift that really tells them how much they are appreciated

A LifeOnRecord anniversary CD contains the heartfelt thoughts and feelings of family and friends preserving their stories, well wishes, and memories for the anniversary couple.

Callers feel honored to participate, and with a simple toll-free call it's simple for anyone to contribute to the CD keepsake regardless of where they live.

For anniversaries it's important to help the couple pause their lives and reflect on the impact they've made on families and friends and LifeOnRecord saves everyone's perspective of this time in a way nothing else can.

How it Works

Friends and family call a toll-free number and hear a personal greeting from you inviting them to leave a favorite story, memory, or wish. The caller leaves a meaningful message and has the option to review what they recorded and re-record it if necessary.

You as the coordinator have complete control - and you'll have as much fun as the recipient!

As each recording comes in, it's available on our website within seconds. You'll be able to play the recordings online and through iTunes, and you'll have control over what recordings make it to the final CD and in what order.

Listen to Recordings Online

You can either download the recordings to your computer for free and make your own CD, or we'll send you one.

It's that simple!

A surprisingly affordable price, for a priceless gift!

Despite the current economy, we want you to have the opportunity to be able to give this gift to someone special, so we have temporarily reduced the basic price from $89.99 to $49.99.

The LifeOnRecord service itself costs $89.99 $49.99 (Limited Time Special Offer). For that price you receive a toll-free number for family and friends to leave messages for the event, the ability to play and monitor the recordings online, and the ability to make CDs using iTunes. For the $49.99 fixed price:

  • As many people can call in as you want, and each person can record a message that is up to 30 minutes in length. Callers can even leave multiple messages! There are no limits on the number of calls you receive.

  • The toll-free number is active within a few minutes after you sign-up, and expires after one year. You can download your recordings, and make or request CDs at any point in time. Everything is under your control.

  • You will be able to monitor and play the recordings on our web site, and download individual recordings. With the included iTunes integration, you can easily make entire CDs, with the "tracks" you desire, in the sequence you want.
Be an Anniversary Gift Hero!

You can make your own CDs, or we can create them for you.

Although you can download your recordings for free into iTunes (which itself is a free download for PCs and Macs) and burn your own CDs, we can also create personalized keepsake CDs packaged in a distinctive metal case for an additional $24.99. You pay the same $24.99 price even if it takes multiple CDs to fit all your recordings!

So, if you buy the CD set, the total price comes to $114.98 $74.98 plus shipping. (Shipping is about $6.50 for USPS Priority Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation).

Quick Turnaround

You'll receive an email with your account information and instructions the same day that you sign-up for the service. When you are ready to have us create your CDs, just let us know and we'll compile the recordings, personalize the CDs with a printed message on the front, and ship them out the next day.

People have been able to sign up for the service, have everyone call in the next day, and then present the CDs to a loved one the day after that. If you create the CDs yourself, the turnaround time can be even quicker.

"A meaningful, highly-personal gift that's simple and easy to create"

Although people change, memories fade, and stories tend to get lost, you'll be giving a gift that captures and preserves feelings and stories.

LifeOnRecord collects everyone's personal recordings and creates a keepsake which becomes even more meaningful with the passage of time.

"Voices convey personality”

Has there ever been an answering machine message or voicemail that you've wanted to save?

The words that were said are only part of what makes those messages special.

What really makes people sentimental for those recordings is that voices convey personality, which makes the message more meaningful than the same words written in a card.

A Simple Guarantee
Our guarantee is straightforward. You can cancel at any time, for any
reason, and receive a full refund.

Have questions? Read our FAQ section or send us an

Only $89.99 $49.99 for an unlimited plan - you can easily make
your own keepsake CDs using iTunes.

Only $114.98 $74.98 for the complete package with a
personalized keepsake CD packaged in a metal, windowed case.

"It was the best gift I ever received"



Benefits of Event Journal

Diane Lentz Snow Diane Lentz SnowStarStarStarStarStar
I have used LifeOnRecord twice now - once for my parents 40th wedding anniversary and once for my aunt's Golden Jubilee - and I couldn't ask for a better company to work with. The communication between LifeOnRecord and the customer is tremendous and everyone that called in raved about what a great idea it was for a gift. I would HIGHLY recommend LifeOnRecord to anyone. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars.
Garen Wisner Garen Wisner StarStarStarStarStar
If you are not familiar with this service it will be the most memorable gift you have ever given someone - and the most appreciated. They make it simple and seamless. All you need is to email or tell folks about the 800 number.
I did this for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. What was nice is that everyone regardless of distance was able to virtually participate in honoring my parents on that day.

I would even say - don't wait for an event. Surprise someone with a - we appreciate you day using this. That will really be meaningful!

It is all about creating memories and holding on to those precious moments. This is even better than pictures! Try it.


With friends and family spread-out throughout the United States, your service was able to bring everyone together for my parent's 40th anniversary. The gift brought tears to my parent's eyes and it was the perfect way for people to talk about the impact my parents have made. Your service is something I'll be recommending to all my friends.

Amanda Johnson, Portland, Oregon

We all called in and made this a surprise gift for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary... The CD was nicely packaged in the silver case, and made an impact even before anyone listened to it.

Sarah Kennedy, Columbus, Ohio

I can't say enough good things about your service. I signed up just three days before my parent's 35th wedding anniversary party and everybody called in as a surprise. We listened to the recordings at the party, and there wasn't a dry eye there. It was a very sentimental and special anniversary gift.

Grant Berkhart, Seattle, Washington

I was blown away by how fast my emails were answered, and the level of customer service for the 25th wedding anniversary celebration. The LifeOnRecord experience was first class all the way!

Robert Jaremus, Jacksonville, Florida

LifeOnRecord was such a meaningful gift for my friend's 50th anniversary. I looked like a hero because everyone who called in thought it was such a creative and thoughtful anniversary idea. I'll be doing this again the next chance I get!

Bonnie White , Phoenix, Arizona


Testimonial Bottom

Benefits of Event

For friends and family of the anniversary couple...

  • They like using it - People want to convey their well-wishes for the wedding anniversary couple. LifeOnRecord gives them an easy way to do that, and people feel honored to be asked.

  • It's simple - Friends and family just dial a phone and talk!

  • It's fast and convenient - Many people are more likely to tell a meaningful story than write one in a scrapbook or card.

  • Contribute from anywhere, anytime - Callers phone in at their convenience, and it's perfect for those that can't physically be there to say "Happy Anniversary".

For the anniversary gift giver:

  • Make it a surprise - LifeOnRecord makes it easy for people to collaborate and call in without the anniversary couple suspecting a thing.

  • Flexible. LifeOnRecord can mail you a personalized CD keepsake in an attractive metal case to present to the anniversary couple. You can also make your own CDs through iTunes, or download them to an MP3 player. In addition, you will be able to play and manage the recordings through our web site. You can even choose to get notified through email whenever a new recording has been left for the anniversary couple!

  • A back-to-basics present - A special and unique way of letting the anniversary couple know how much people care for them. LifeOnRecord lets people express emotion, thoughts, and feelings that might otherwise go unsaid.
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